Journey to a pilgrimage place-Shirdi Sai Baba


Pilgrimage Journey To Shirdi

Devotees should bear in mind of one specialty of Shirdi pilgrimage journey. None could leave Shirdi without the permission of Sai Baba. On the contrary when any devotees got this permission to leave then he could not stay anymore in Shirdi. They reached their destination safely. While leaving, devotees went to Sai Baba to have last Darshan and blessings. Sai Baba used to give certain advice and instructions at that time. Devotees who obey these advice reach their destination safely, but others who disregard these face many calamities and sufferings.

Two main such incidents are described below:-

Tatya Kote Patil.

Once Tatya Kote was leaving for Kopergaon market in a hurry. Sai Baba told him not to out of the village and not to make so hast. But Tatya Kote disobeyed this advice of Sai Baba. He rode one Tanga and went suddenly. On the way after passing Savli Vihir, one of the horses attached to the Tanga was fast and furious. That horse ran frantically and got sprain in the waist. Thereby injured and fell down, thus injuring Tatya Kote also.

A European Gentleman.

Once one European gentleman come to Shirdi on a pilgrimage journey to have Shri Sai Baba Darshan and blessings. He got a reference letter written by Nanasaheb Chandorkar for giving assistance in Shirdi visit. The gentleman had a very good Darshan of Sai Baba at Dwarkamai. Though Sai Baba did not give permission to come nearer, still from a distance he did Darshan daily. One day the gentleman decided to go back. He came to Dwarkamai to take this permission. Sai Baba told him to depart next day. But the gentleman did not obey and in the same manner like Tatya Kote, he also meets with an accident on way near Savli Vihir.

Thus it is a true fact that while on a pilgrimage journey to Shirdi, one can not leave Shirdi without the permission of Sai Baba.  

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