A New Day Begins – Gudi Padwa Celebration in Shirdi

Om SaiRam. A new day begins. Lord Brahma created this Universe on this day. In Hindu mythology, this day is observed as the new year day. A new day begins on this day. In most parts of India, this new year is celebrated in a Vedic and Spiritual manner but in different names.

Gudi is derived from the word Gudhi. Gudhi means a flag or a piece of silk cloth adorning auspicious qualities.  Padwa means the day followed by Amavasya Day (Dark Moon Fortnight Day).

This year Gudi Padwa or the new day begins on 6th April 2019. Before performing this Puja, one has to take an oil bath on this day in the early morning. Arrangements must be done for a heightened bamboo stick, a silk piece of cloth, some Neem and Mango leaves, a copper or silver vessel and a garland.

The silk flag type cloth is tied with neem and mango leaves on top of the bamboo stick. The vessel is kept in upturned position above and the bamboo is erected on the surface. A prayer to Brahma Deva is offered to bring all the good things to one`s life. Thus, The Gudi or Brahma Dhwaja is kept flying until next day morning. The person done Puja of Gudi must drink water from the vessel the next day.

In Maharashtra, this festival is performed in every household. The peculiarity of this ancient festival is that once started, this to be carried on by some member of the family. In the same manner, if it is stopped for some years then again starting Gudi  Puja may not be beneficial.

Apart from Maharashtra, this day is celebrated as the beginning of a new year. In northern parts, people observe this as Navratra festival. They keep fasting for nine days, starting from this day. In eastern parts, in Odisha people celebrate this as the beginning of new life in this universe. They also offer puja to Goddess Durga. Thus, Durga Puja falls twice in a year and this time is celebrated as Basanti Durga Puja as the puja falls in the Vasant (Spring) season.

In southern India, this day also celebrated as new year`s day and is named as Ugadi. People of these regions made donations to various temples on this day. Various types of dishes are prepared and offered to taste. As it is believed that, one should taste all the types of possible food on this day.

The Sindhi Community celebrate this day as, Chet-Chand as new year day. On this day Lord Jhulelal has appeared.

Therefore, with the above, all types of celebration on this day, mark it as a very auspicious day. A very special day for the Hindu Community.

Let us celebrate this day as a new beginning to our life and pray Sai Baba, to bring all good things to our life.

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