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Above photo is of Main Sai Temple which is otherwise known as Samadhi Mandir. The Tomb where mortal body of  almighty Sai Baba is taking breathe. Devotees queue up here only to get blessings and Udi from Sai Baba.

Above is the photo of Mhalaspati.One of the very close devotee of Sai Baba. His full name was Mhalaspati Chimnaji Nagare. By caste he was goldsmith but by duties he performed, he was an ardent worshiper of God Khandoba and Sai Baba. He had first started calling as” Sai ” to Sai Baba . He was the first person to start Sai Puja in Shirdi after Baba`s Mahasamadhi. 

Above is the photo of Madhav Rao Deshpande. Sai Baba fondly called him as Bhatacha Shyama. By profession he was a school teacher. He was a very helpful person in Shirdi and very close to Sai Baba. Sometimes Sai Baba`s words were not understood by devotees. That time Shyama being very close to Sai Baba made it explained. Sai Baba often pointed out him as Arjun in Mahabhaarat.

Above is the photo of Abdul Baba. Sai Baba fondly called him as Crow or as Scavenger. During his stay he always looked after cleaning of Dwarkamai. He is one such devotee of Sai Baba who had devoted his entire life serving Sai Baba and Shirdi. His Samadhi can be found inside temple complex.

Above is the photo of Bhagoji Shinde. He was a leper and  also very close to Sai Baba. Disease of leprosy was not getting worse due to Sai Baba`s blessings.
Above is the photo of Govindrao Raghunath Dabholkar. Sai Baba nicknamed him as Hemadpant. He is the person who scripted “Saisatcharita” the holly book on Sai Baba. He was the person behind this present Shri Sai Baba Sansthan Trust in Shirdi.