Bhagwan Dattatreya Jayanti Celebration Through Hinduism

India is such a pious & religious part in our universe, where God and Goddess used to come down from heaven in a phased manner. In any month, the full moon day is considered the most significant day of that month. On such a full moon day that also in the sacred month of Margashirsha, Bhagawan Dattatreya took birth. Hence, Datta Jayanti is being celebrated on Margasirsha Poornima Day. This year Datta Jayanti is being observed on 11th December.

In Shirdi, Bhagwan Dattatreya Jayanti is celebrated every year at Dattanagar. There is a temple of Shri Dattatreya. Every year this Shirdi festival celebration begins from the beginning of the bright half of the lunar month & culminate on the full moon day.

Shri Sai Baba is considered as the Avatar of Bhagwan Dattatreya.

Bhagwan Dattatreya is the union of Tridev, they are Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiv Shankar & Lord Brahma. Bhagwan Dattatreya is the incarnation of these three great Gods. There is a mythological story behind this merger of three Gods into one form. Thus, the power & generosity of Bhagwan Dattatreya is exceptional as These combined in one form.

Praying to Bhagwan Dattatreya has manifold benefits. In the household or in a pilgrimage journey, praying to Lord Vishnu or Shiva-Shankar is common. Does anyone want to pray to Lord Brahma in such regularity?

Most devotees who were unaware of Bhagwan Dattatreya, consider Him as Brahma from appearance. Lord Brahma is manifested in Dattatreya along with the other two deities. Hence devotees got this chance to pray Lord Brahma in His Datta Avatar & receive the blessings naturally. The middle head of Bhagwan Dattatreya is of Lord Vishnu. The left side head is of Lord Shiva-Shankar. Lord Vishnu, who is in middle position & always as mediator feds, nourishes us.

Hinduism defends to pray & recite Bhagwan Dattatreya Mantra which will eliminate Pitra Dosh. Death is not under the control of anyone. As the death of any human being comes at any point in any time corresponding to the laws of nature. Just like that birth of humans takes place accordingly. As a result, we are bound to appreciate the enjoyment & suffering streaming from our past births.