Advice of Sai Baba on the Subject of our Decency and Behavior

Sai Baba`s Advice

There are innumerable instances in our life when upon someone`s advice we suddenly change our behavior. This advocacy is valued a lot more in comparison to our material wealth, money, belongings and prosperity.No one will give such better guidance except our Holy Father Sai, whose love for His devotees made Him suffer for our sins and pains. Sai Baba bear this profanity of ours in order to make our life smoother, creamy and frictionless.

advice of sai baba

Sai Baba`s advice to us that we usually meet anybody when there happens to be some connection with that person in any way. This may be in our previous birth or other. The acquaintance gives rise to the opportunity in bringing that person nearer to us. Unless & until there was no earlier relationship, no one will ever come to visit us. Sai Baba said that, do not neglect that visitor or guest, who had come to our door, behave with him courteously and compassionately. Give the stranger or the guest water to drink if he is thirsty. offer some food to eat if he is hungry. And a better shelter to take rest for some time if is tired. By doing so, The Lord will be very much pleased with us and definitely, His blessings will shower on us.

If anybody asks us for some money or financial help, we may not give or may not be able to do so. It`s up to our choice. But we should not rebuke or exhort to slang languages upon him by passing bad comments. In a chaotic situation, when the whole world will turn against, we should stay calm and unflinching concentrating on God. One should stay calm and be plugging firm in a place, do not become vulnerable to worldly attractions. We should break the intermediary between us and The Lord. Should march towards our goal and never think of the incongruousness. Thus the wall between us and The Lord will demolish.

Sai Baba is Omniscient, Omnipresent, Omnipotent and all-pervading. His streaming of different courses of action with His devotees is uncommon. By the passing of time only, we come to understand the meaning of His words. We realize His action which made us so benevolent.

Sai Baba always gave advice by encouraging good thoughts. If any intuition comes to our mind in the early morning, and if such remembrance is carried out throughout the day. Than our intellect and perception will get many folded, our mind will attain serenity with prosperity. If any devotee will meditate and think upon Sai Baba. Always, day and night, with the complete submission of his self. Than that devotee will experience union with God, like sweetness and sugar, waves and sea, eye and it`s sight, fire and light.

advice of sai baba

Sai Baba gave advice to those devotees, who use bad and filthy languages on others. When anyone uses such slang phraseology, he is doing nothing harmful to anybody but eating dung and manure of others. In this way, Sai Baba went on giving guidance in the attainment of the spiritual goal to His devotees.  


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