Lord Brahma created this Universe on this Day. In Hindu mythology, this day is observed as the new year day. A New Day begins on this day.
In most parts of India, this New year is celebrated in a Vedic and Spiritual manner but in different names.
`Gudi` is derived from the word `Gudhi` meaning a flag or silk cloth adorning auspicious qualities. `Padwa` means `The Pratipad Day` the day followed by Amavasya (Dark Moon Fortnight Day). This year Gudi Padva is being celebrated on 2nd April.
Taking oil bath in the early morning on this day is considered very auspicious. For Gudi Puja, one heighted bamboo stick, a silk cloth, a copper or silver vessel, neem leaves, mango leaves, and a garland. The Silk flag type cloth is decorated with garland, neem & mango leaves, on it`s top a silver or brass vessel is kept in upturned position on the top of the bamboo stick.
In Maharashtra, this festival is performed in every household. Most of the Maharashtrian family celebrate `Gudi Padwa` in their home only in morning hours.
The belief goes with this celebration is that `Gudi` brings good luck to family and wards off all evils throughout the coming years.
In general, apart from Maharashtra this festival is also celebrated but in some different manner. In north and some eastern parts of India, people celebrate this day as the beginning of first day of the universe. Nine days of fasting is observed by performing special pujas honouring Goddess Durga. Gudi Padwa day being considered as the first day of this Navratri Festival. In south India this day is also celebrated as new year`s day and is named as Ugadi. Donation to temples are made on this day. Various flavours of dishes are prepared and offered. It is believed that one should taste all the types of food on this occasion in this new year. The Sindhi Community celebrate this day as `Cheti Chand`. They consider this day as the new year day and the emergence of Lord Jhulelal.
Thus, with the above all types of celebration on this auspicious day makes this day as a very special day to Hindu Community. In all cases it is observed as New Year day. Therefore, let us celebrate the same with a prayer to Lord Brahma to bring Joy and Happiness to All.

Happy Gudi Padva

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