Shirdi Festival Celebrations

Rangpanchami being one of the oldest festivals in Hindu calendar. It begins with Holika-Dahan on full moon day evening in the month of February-March. The very next day Holi, the festival of colors is observed. Calculating Holi as day one, Rangpanchami is celebrated on the fifth day.

Rangpanchami Wishes

This year we celebrate Rangpanchami festival in Shirdi on Friday, 13th of March. Normally it begins around 10 O` clock  near the village area. However, Shirdi Sai Temple timings for this festival is different. Around 4 PM, in the evening, Rangpanchami festival will begin at Dwarkamai in Shirdi. Devotees interested may come and join at this time.

Rangpanchami festival has a very deeper meaning. Rang means Colors and Panchami mean five(fifth). It does not mean Rangpanchami as Five Colors Festival. Actually, there exist seven types of colors in this universe. In fact, the universe consists of five different elements. These Five elements get momentum and active while playing colors on Rangpanchami day.

Our universe is build up with five natural elements. These five elements are Earth, Water, Light, Sky, and Wind. Similarly, the human body also comprised of these five elements. There are only three qualities available in the human body when alive corresponding to these five elements. They are Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas.

As and where these five elements present in the human body. The human body has three qualities. The five elements interact and do their obligation with these three qualities. This process develops human qualities.

In the first place, everything develops from the Earth element. Earth Element built and give shape to everything in this universe. Water Element nourishes and keeps alive the Earth Element. Light or Fire is the third element. This element protects the universe or mankind from eight sides. The sky is the fourth element and lastly, the Wind or Air is the fifth one.

Playing colors on Rangpanchami festival is about reuniting these five elements of the universe. These five elements are very much active on this day. Above all, these five elements are at work on this Rangapanchami day. When blends with colors, creates an atmosphere of spiritual significance.

The colors spreading over these five elements give rise to Sattva Guna. No doubt, good virtues overrides the bad one. Over body and mind, these colors will be having spiritual influence when mixed with the above five elements. Playing colors on Rangpanchami will increase the  Sattva qualities in the human body.

As a matter of fact, the ranga-Panchami is not only observed in MAHARASHTRA but also in the state of MADHYA PRADESH IN AN UNCOMMON WAY.