Indian General Elections

What a colorful day it was. It was recently celebrated Holi. Today this is colored like 16 million colors. Before submitting my writing I beg pardon from all that Do Not Mind, It is balloting 2019. Elaborately speaking this is Indian general elections. Bura Na Mano Chunab Hai.

India matured to this present status of political, economic, socio-cultural, and technological psyche like the evolution of humanity civilisation.

After Independence India opted for a secular, socialist and democratic character. We were so poor in our knowledge & creativity at those periods that we could not create unique content for our constitution. Had we been doing so in referring Chanakya, Shivaji & Maharana Pratap Singhji, then there would not have been so disturbance as like nowadays. Copying from British, Switzerland, USA, etc and pasting the same might had been an excellent work in those years. But the outcome of what we are facing nowadays during Indian general elections is weird. And will face in the future in more reflective manner is what called brain drain. Maybe that time the job carried out was so complicated that it was the right choice for everyone.

This year, the election which will be continuing for 2/3 months now onwards is really fierce in India. It is one kind of summer vacation for everyone. The boom for digital marketers. TV & media. Indirect sources of Income for unemployed goons. And a very complicated & chaos situation for local administration.

We can rely on crores of rupees & even more so on an App transacting in our mobile, but when this election came in every 5 years, we feel happy and sad as something going to happen. As long as we are giving a very big importance to this event, so long this will exploit ourselves to any extent. Why can not every party make an app & upload, the voter will decide & download this App and cast their voting rights. So much can be saved. That`s may be my perspective.

Recently we might have played Holi, the colors festival of India. This can be marked by anyone on seeing above image that by far all the political parties use the same type of colors on their flags during this Indian general elections. Why so, and again that has been derived from our national flag. It is like the siblings of one family bearing the water-mark of their family knowingly or unknowingly. Then why so much difference among themselves & their thought. This perhaps we never tried to understand.

Be it election, poll, balloting, polling, voting, judge your leader wisely. In every 5 years when polling arrives many newcomers added to the voter’s list. Our younger generation must use their franchise to select future governors of their motherland. India must be on the list of tens most desired places to live. Future generation must not go after any political party while casting their voting rights. They must select who is a better candidate than the other & thereby use the most precious rights were ever given in a civilized society. Happy Polling 2019.