Almighty Shri Sai Baba of Shirdi and His Blessings

Almighty, Shri Sai Baba of Shirdi. The Saint of all Saints. Whose stories and teachings inspire us in our mission of life.

Almighty Shri Sai Baba in His human body form looks much the same as an ordinary man . The villagers of Shirdi were very fortunate to have this Saint. Shri Sai Baba made their life divine and spiritual. Converting them to pure blood human beings.

Shri Sai Baba and villagers of Shirdi

I try my best in unveiling the real life incidents of Almighty-Shri Sai Baba. It dates back to 1858 to 1918, when He was alive. I beg your pardon of attributing Shri Sai Baba as alive at that time only. I want to make correction of my speech that today also He is alive. Which we feel and experience in our everyday routine life in Shirdi.

Shri Sai Baba is not a Superman, Who can do miracles, whenever any devotee summons. But Sai Baba has supernatural power of having to perform for the adorning of villagers of Shirdi.

During the generation of Shri Sai Baba-The Almighty , Shirdi was a remote village. It was in Kopergaon Taluka of Ahmednagar district in Maharashtra state of India. The nearest rail head was Kopergaon, which is 18 Kms away. Now Shirdi is well connected with train, air and bus services. With the passage of time , the devotees of Sai Baba had grown innumerable in numbers. So also Sai temples spearheading all over the globe.

Two things Shri Sai Baba-The Almighty taught to us. That is Shradha & Saburi means (Love & Patience). Combining of these two make the life of His devotees, divine and fascinating and not doing so make it inferior and secondary.

There are other things which have been inseminate by Shri Sai Baba-The Almighty. He allowed devotees to perform their Pujas and rituals as per their wish.The advice and assurance of Shri Sai Baba-The Almighty had been published in holy book SAISATCHARITA. This book originally written by Hemadpant later published by Shri Sai Baba Sansthan.

Om Sai Ram

Advice of Sai Baba on the Subject of our Decency and Behavior

Sai Baba`s Advice

There are innumerable instances in our life when upon someone`s advice we suddenly change our behavior. This advocacy is valued a lot more in comparison to our material wealth, money, belongings and prosperity.No one will give such better guidance except our Holy Father Sai, whose love for His devotees made Him suffer for our sins and pains. Sai Baba bear this profanity of ours in order to make our life smoother, creamy and frictionless.

advice of sai baba

Sai Baba`s advice to us that we usually meet anybody when there happens to be some connection with that person in any way. This may be in our previous birth or other. The acquaintance gives rise to the opportunity in bringing that person nearer to us. Unless & until there was no earlier relationship, no one will ever come to visit us. Sai Baba said that, do not neglect that visitor or guest, who had come to our door, behave with him courteously and compassionately. Give the stranger or the guest water to drink if he is thirsty. offer some food to eat if he is hungry. And a better shelter to take rest for some time if is tired. By doing so, The Lord will be very much pleased with us and definitely, His blessings will shower on us.

If anybody asks us for some money or financial help, we may not give or may not be able to do so. It`s up to our choice. But we should not rebuke or exhort to slang languages upon him by passing bad comments. In a chaotic situation, when the whole world will turn against, we should stay calm and unflinching concentrating on God. One should stay calm and be plugging firm in a place, do not become vulnerable to worldly attractions. We should break the intermediary between us and The Lord. Should march towards our goal and never think of the incongruousness. Thus the wall between us and The Lord will demolish.

Sai Baba is Omniscient, Omnipresent, Omnipotent and all-pervading. His streaming of different courses of action with His devotees is uncommon. By the passing of time only, we come to understand the meaning of His words. We realize His action which made us so benevolent.

Sai Baba always gave advice by encouraging good thoughts. If any intuition comes to our mind in the early morning, and if such remembrance is carried out throughout the day. Than our intellect and perception will get many folded, our mind will attain serenity with prosperity. If any devotee will meditate and think upon Sai Baba. Always, day and night, with the complete submission of his self. Than that devotee will experience union with God, like sweetness and sugar, waves and sea, eye and it`s sight, fire and light.

advice of sai baba

Sai Baba gave advice to those devotees, who use bad and filthy languages on others. When anyone uses such slang phraseology, he is doing nothing harmful to anybody but eating dung and manure of others. In this way, Sai Baba went on giving guidance in the attainment of the spiritual goal to His devotees.  


Assurance and Promise of Shirdi Sai Baba to His Devotees

Assurance and Promise from Sai Baba to His Devotees 

Madhavrao Deshpande once given below assurance by Sai Baba. Utterance of  Sai name with love and patience will  fulfill all wishes of His devotees. Their sufferings in addition misfortune in this life will come to an end. They will proceed in a spiritual path in the attainment of self realization. Their devotion and  consecration towards supreme Lord will increase many fold

Assurance of Shri Sai Baba of Shirdi

When any devotee sings or listens earnestly the life and deeds of Shri Sai Baba, all his obstacles in life are removed. Sai Baba will support such devotee from all sides. His faith invigorate and build up to extreme level. Devotees , who are closely associated with Sai Baba had witnessed such miracles . Sai Baba kept this assurance till now also. Devotees read Saisatcharita the Holly book to get rid of  all the obstacles in this life. My advice to readers to read this Holy book everyday after taking bath.

Devotees , who are closely affiliated to Sai Baba by heart and soul, always feel happiness and joy. They sing and listen to Saileelas (stories of Sai Baba). Sai Baba give them infinite joy and ever-lasting contentment. Sai  Baba also gave assurance that He will free devotees from human bondage and sufferings. Devotees completely surrendering themselves to Sai Baba, found eternal bliss. In other words worshiping Sai Baba faithfully with utmost devotion will bring about optimism in this life. 

This assurance of faith on Sai Baba will make devotees consciousness of worldly objects and desires. Senses of outer world and feelings will be diverted to their inner self. Sai Baba once assured those devotees to draw them out from the jaws of death. Wherever the devotees are or in whichever circumstances, Sai Baba will take care of. Sai Baba needs no conveyance for reaching out to His devotees. He is Omniscient and His presence is felt in this whole universe. All the diseases and pains will be got rid of , if any one sings or listens Sai name whole in good faith.

Hence we should hear Sai Baba`s stories with respect and love. We should think and meditate on these stories, assimilate like water in a glass of milk. The pride and egoism will vanish and our mind will be set at rest and fixed.  We should take “Sai” name wholeheartedly and with complete constancy. This simple mental image of Sai , will do away with sins of speech and hearing. We got this human form due to our good deeds in our past life. Our life`s fulfillment will complete when we will get God`s embellish and blessings.
This is the sanguine assurance given by Sai Baba to remember “Sai” name always. Picture-rise His image in our consciousness consistently. In the event that we bring this to our daily routine for observance. Our craziness, fear, anxiety, egoism and sufferings will come to an end. All things considered, one can attain association with supreme Lord, Almighty Sai Baba.